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Non-Stick Teflon Foot for Janome

Manufacturer: N/A
Price: $13.99

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Product Description

Non-Stick Zig Zag Teflon Foot

The non-stick Teflon coating is the key to sewing temperamental fabrics like vinyl, synthetic leather, etc. The foot just glides across the surface. This makes it ideal for directional feeding, too.

The non-stick coating on the sole of the foot glides easily over difficult fabric, eliminating any drag of the foot moving across the surface. Ideal for sewing leather, plastic, vinyl etc.

Applications for this foot include sewing rainwear, luggage, tote bags, toys, home furnishings and garments.

All About the Teflon Foot
Applique on Ultrasuede
Sewing on Leather or Vinyl

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Fits the following models of Janome....

400 Series...


Décor Excel Series...

Décor Excel DC2007LE
Décor Excel 3018
Décor Excel 3050
Décor Excel 5018
Décor Excel II 5024
Décor Excel Pro 5124

4000LE Series...

4623LE Plus

Floral Series...

Magnolia 7306
Magnolia 7312
Magnolia 7318
Magnolia 7330

Quilter's Companion Series...


Sewist Series...


Jem Series...

Jem Gold 660
Jem Gold 2
Jem Platinum 720
Jem Platinum 760

Other Models...

Schoolmate S-3015
Classmate S-750
4618 Limited Edition
4623 Limited Edition Plus
Heart Truth 2008

My Excel Series...

My Excel 3015
My Excel 3023
My Excel 3123
My Excel 4014

Memory Craft Series...

Memory Craft 3000
Memory Craft 3500
Memory Craft 4000
Memory Craft 4400
Memory Craft 4800
Memory Craft 4800QC
Memory Craft 4900QC
Memory Craft 5000
Memory Craft 5700
Memory Craft 6500P
Memory Craft 6600P
Memory Craft 8000
Memory Craft 9000
Memory Craft 9500
Memory Craft 9700
Memory Craft 10000
Memory Craft 10001
Memory Craft 11000

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